IndoPROGRESS di Mata Mereka

Video dalam playlist ini direkam menjelang peluncuran perwajahan baru IndoPROGRESS pada Februari 2014. Mereka yang memberikan testimoninya adalah:


Kliping Media

“A number of online publications are featuring articles with leftist perspectives discussing various issues, from God to gender, wealth to history and environment to literature.

The most prominent among the few is IndoPROGRESS, which is also published in printed form. Founder and editor Coen Husain Pontoh told The Jakarta Post that the journal had found an affordable mode of distribution via the Internet.”

The Jakarta Post

“He currently holds the position of creative director for IndoPROGRESS, an alternative media focusing on sociopolitical issues and people’s movements in Indonesia. Nobodycorp can be viewed as a combination of Alit’s experience as a human rights activist, his proficiency as an artist, and his sharpness in incorporating the spirit of social media, which he first began using to further his efforts with Nobodycorp in 2009.”

The Jakarta Globe

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